Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday and Things

1. I just got back from picking up all of Zackary's registration forms for preschool this fall! It is about the same amount of paper work that is required to buy a house. 
Zack will be attending the same preschool we sent Mia to. We pass our favorite donut shop on the way to the school and we are looking forward to having a reason to stop there often once again. (donuts, education, socialization.....all equally important right?)

2. Zoey can reach the light switches. She is never bored and we are never without light in the house. Thanks Zoey :)

3. I am roasting almonds for more almond butter! That stuff has become a staple. I need to make my own peanut butter too. It seems silly to make my own almond butter and still buy peanut butter. 

4. It is that time of year when schools all over the country start finishing up and we are sitting here......still in school.
June 5th can't come soon enough!

5. I love quinoa. I bought a big box today to play with.


all things quinoa!

6. I really enjoy creating in my kitchen. Especially when it comes to cookies. My own eating habits have led me to create all kinds of cookies that are pretty healthy. I love a cookie that can be eaten as a snack or as breakfast. My friends love my cookies and so does my mom. My kids and husband, however, do not. All they really want is plain old chocolate chip cookies made with white flour. Yesterday I gave into them and made a batch. It was tempting to taste the dough or eat one of the cookies, but I made it out unscathed and my family was thrilled with the cookies! They love gluten :)

7. THIS is Zoey's favorite thing to watch. If she is unhappy "Wheels on the Bus" works every time.

Have an excellent Wednesday....halfway done!
( I know I am not supposed to live for Friday, but I can't help myself.)


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