Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Things

1. We ended up having to take my car to the dealership. There is something wrong with a sensor inside the transmission. It will take a few days and several hundreds of dollars to fix, but by Wednesday I should have a reliable car to drive my kids around in again!

2. Due to the car being in the shop I will be spending all of Tuesday at home without a vehicle. I have arranged rides for the kids to get to and from school and I am planning a day of water and ice play for Zack and Zoey. (It is suddenly summer here. I am not complaining, but it does seem to switch from heater to air conditioning awful fast around here.)

3. I want to make these cookies for Zoey.
She struggles with textures and I think she would love these!

4. My workout clothes are definitely my "fun" clothes. I look forward to exercise because I get to wear my favorite outfits! 

5. I LOVE this dessert idea for summer.
Mia would love it especially.

6. Ty got me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day.
 He went to an actual florist and put the arrangement together. We were both surprised by how amazing they smell compared to flowers bought at the grocery store or ordered online.
My house smells delightful :)

7. Check out some of the amazing organization ideas on this site.
I love them all.

Have a glorious week!


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