Monday, May 20, 2013


1. This is my last week driving the kindergarten carpool this school year!
I cannot believe all of our little kinders will be moving on to first grade.
The carpool has been fantastic! What a great idea someone had....I can't remember if it was Crissa, Johanna, or Betsy....but whoever it was......awesome idea!

2. I introduced my kids to peanut butter balls.
I mixed peanut butter, oat bran, ground flax seed, and honey together. I chopped up a dark chocolate bar that was studded with crunchy edamame and added all of that to the peanut butter mixture. They turned out fabulous. Mia and Zoey are both quite fond of them. I don't know what it is about girls and peanut butter. At least in this family we cannot get enough.

3. I was really hoping the kids would be done getting homework for the year. I was so sad when Mia came home with a full week's worth. Maybe this will be the last week! Fingers crossed ;)

4. I have been participating in the Tone it Up Bikini Series.
I love the website. They post new workouts each week and during this series there are special challenges for each week. This week's challenge was to eat more greens. Today I had a kale salad with avocado. Lots of green! 

5. The kids are all signed up for swimming lessons starting the week after school gets out. Mia still needs a new bathing suit. I had her try on her suit from last year and it basically cut her in two. That little girl has grown! 

Happy Monday!


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