Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday/Sick Day

Mia's dance recital lasted almost 4 hours.
It was very entertaining, but I may never recover. Thank goodness ballet is done for the summer.
(The studio where Mia takes classes is open only during the school year and closes for summer vacation.)

I have sent Ty off to church with the 3 older children while I stay home today with Zoey. She woke up with a bad cold and needs extra snuggles and love.

I discovered this thought from Lorenzo Snow
I love the idea of growth and improvement. I love moving forward. There are days when I am tempted to stand still, but I never regret a little progression!

I think hazelnuts need to be roasted and nutella needs to be made.
THIS recipe looks good
so does THIS one

on a sidenote:

(is anyone else as nut butter crazed as I am?)

I am completely out of clorox wipes. I use them constantly, and especially when people in the house are sick!!!
First thing tomorrow I plan to restock.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and we have a few fun things planned. Ty had originally wanted to have a big BBQ with lots of friends, but I just couldn't do it this time. Sometimes I want to enjoy a holiday without having to clean for company, cook for company, and then clean some more after everyone leaves.

Happy Sunday :)


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