Friday, May 10, 2013


It has been a LONG week! Monday arrived with cold weather and rain. I was excited to have a nice cool day to stay inside and do some baking.
Tuesday was a repeat of Monday. I was still okay with the cool weather and inside time. Lots of cleaning was happening!
The gray skies dragged on through Wednesday and Thursday as well. By yesterday afternoon I was completely over it!
Thank goodness that Friday has arrived and brought with it.....Sunshine!
Ty and the boys are headed to the Father/Son campout tonight. The girls and I will be partying with friends :)

Here are some Friday Fun Finds!!!

1. THIS site has the cutest workout clothes!
I adore fitness gear ;)
(Totally prefer it it to regular clothes)

2. Granola?? Yes please.

S'mores granola might make a fun "camping" themed treat for those of us staying home tonight. (Just as I prefer workout clothes to jeans, I also prefer sleeping in my bed to sleeping on the ground in the woods.)

Filled with lemonade this summer :)
It's only $20...yay!

5. 100 ways to eat a Reese's from Something Swanky, because this is just so necessary.

6.  THIS POST from Joy the Baker is beautiful!
Mother's Day is this weekend and she has some great ideas.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the sunshine!


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