Friday, May 17, 2013

Smile! It's Friday!

 1. I love seasonal fruits and vegetables. I get all nostalgic in the fall over apples and squash. In the winter I am all about the citrus and avocados. In summer fresh corn and melon are staples. Right now we are in the middle of spring berry season! The kids and I cannot get enough. There are strawberries and blackberries everywhere. Paired with some of THIS Chocolate Almond's better than cupcakes :)

2. This is kind of a lengthy video, but if you are a Jimmy Fallon or John Krasinski fan (both of whom I love!) It is a must watch!

3. It is career day at the kid's school. Max left this morning dressed as a nurse anesthetist......I told him just to tell everyone that he was a doctor to make it easier on himself. People seem to have a tough time pronouncing Ty's career of choice. I try to keep it simple and use the abbreviated version, CRNA, whenever possible.

4. I adore this desk/office space
Poor Ty. He was the one that wanted to get the big computer. It was so important to him to have a nice office space and I have completely taken over. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy having an office space or how much I would enjoy decorating it :)

5. May is half over....that means we are practically to June and half way through the 2013 year!!!! Wasn't it just barely New Year's and now we are supposed to be getting ready for Father's Day???

6. It's Friday! Yay :)


  1. California must be AWESOME! Fresh fruits and veggies all year! Sounds like Heaven to me :) MMMM