Thursday, May 9, 2013

On Gardening....

An Update:
Remember when I said that this was the year! This was the year I was becoming a garderner! I was sure my thumb would turn a bright shade of green and my backyard would be overflowing with tomatoes and strawberries!

So far my thumb is still pink.

I planted my garden. I dug in the dirt. I had hopes!
Bugs came. I tried to defend the little plants. I tried to get rid of the snails. Oh how I hate snails! My brothers will tell you.....I really hate snails.
I lost a couple of plants right away. Ty's watering system exploded one night and caused a small flood. It also uprooted and killed one of the pea plants.
One of the tomato plants was eaten.
The others don't seem to be doing so well.

I tried! I have not yet given up all hope, but I don't know that this year's experiment will warrant a repeat next year. I may just have to become well acquainted with the local farmer's market or with a friend that happens to be a bit better at gardening than I am!


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