Thursday, May 30, 2013

This and That

1. Poor Zoey is still sick. She spent most of yesterday on the couch watching Baby Einstein and Wheels on the Bus. She woke up very early today because she had thrown up all over herself. Now she is drinking lots of water and having more couch time. She has an appointment to see the doctor this afternoon. I am grateful that we will be able to avoid a trip to urgent care.
I hope we can get this house healthy again in time for summer!

2. There was no karate this week, because of Memorial Day. Dance ended with the big recital last weekend.....I love it when the schedule includes so much nothing.

3. I finally started working on my first relief society lesson. I read through the whole thing last night on my elliptical. (Best place for some light reading!)
Now I can start getting prepared....I am more nervous than I should be.

4. The new sod is well grounded, green, and beautiful! The yard is looking great.

5. I found this quote quite remarkable
It can be applied to all sorts of things:

home decor
a church talk!

6. Max is losing his baby teeth at an alarming rate (I think I mentioned this a while ago.) He lost another one this morning. I told him that I am going to need to stock up on yogurt and ice cream so that he has something to eat. No corn on the cob for sure!

7. I want to make these Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups with mini chocolate chips in mini muffin tins for the kids (Because mini is fun.)

8. It is getting extra hard to send the kids to school. I am to the point where I keep thinking that it doesn't matter anymore. I woke up this morning and lay in bed thinking that it would be totally fine for the kids to miss school today. 
4 more days!!!!!

Happy Thursday :)


  1. You will do amazing with your lesson! I was so nervous too, I think that's normal. I can't wait to hear you teach on Sunday!

    Poor Zoey! hope she is on the mend ASAP.

    I laid in bed thinking the same thing this morning. Ella watched a movie today and Mailee colored. ??!!?? Next week are all minimum days so what's the point? GAH!! I am OVER making lunches!!!!!!!!!