Saturday, May 11, 2013


Friday night completely made up for my somewhat mediocre Friday day.

The boys left for the campout at 5. Zackary was thrilled to be spending some time with his dad, brother, and his friend Jonas. Max was excited to spend time with Ian. I sent Max with an entire bag of Takis to share! I can't wait to hear about those adventures when the men come home later today.

Then it was just the girls at home.
We put on a Girl movie to set the mood, "Fairy Tale a True Story".
We watched while we made dinner.
We had quinoa cooked in coconut milk and salmon wrapped in seaweed. Very girlie and yummy.

After dinner we headed out to an exclusive all girl's party.
Everyone was there ;)

There were piles of nail polish. All the girls picked out colors and we all did pedicures and manicures. Zoey and Mia came home with pink nails and I came home with gold.
Everyone brought treats and snacks because those are very important parts of a good girl's night. 

We came home at about 9 because Zoey was so tired! She went to bed right away. Mia was still wide awake so we watched My Little Pony episodes while eating pistachios.
I had so much fun with my girls!

This morning we are getting ready for Mother's Day tomorrow. Ty will be working, but my parents are coming to spend the day so we still have a reason to put on a little celebration.
The meal is planned, but I am still working on dessert. So many possibilities!

I am enjoying the last few hours of our girl time before the boys come home covered in mud and with piles of dirty laundry.

Happy Saturday :)


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