Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday....the late editon

I am going to break up with my car.
I am just tired of all the drama.
We were in Redlands dropping off my brother and the car went completely haywire.....again!
I was close to the temple so I pulled into the parking lot while I figured things out.
(The temple is always a good safe place to park your car and let your kids run around)
I called everyone and no one answered!
I waited about 30 minutes and decided to drive the car home.
Every warning light was on and the speedometer wasn't working, but we made it home. I am never driving that car again.


I forgot to start the dryer this morning.
I went to pull everything out and it was all wet....and lovely smelling ;)

On the sunny side of things....

The sun is still shining, it is still warm, the kids are home safe, we have plenty of milk in the fridge, and I am making brownies.


  1. Wow! That sounds like an electrical problem of some sort! I can help! And you didn't call me for a ride. I am offended!