Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pastries with Max

Max's school hosted a "Pastries with Parents" event for the second graders this morning.
My mom came out to watch Zack and Zoey so that I could go and spend a little one on one time with Max.
 It was a rare treat!
My friend, Johanna, was there. Her son, Ian, is Max's best friend!
We all sat together.
 These boys love donuts :)

It was fun to spend a little time with just Max. He is growing up so fast!
3 more weeks and he will be a 3rd grader!
I love Max. He is extremely independent, an amazing student, and a wonderful help at home. His younger siblings love and admire him. I do too!


  1. Oh man! He looks SO old these days! Love the toothless grins :)