Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

 We had such a fun Memorial Day! Sadly Ty was unable to join in on the fun. He ended up working today! I loaded the van full of kids....all of my own and a few extras.
 We went to Redlands for swimming and sunshine. We enjoyed italian cream sodas and chocolate covered strawberries.
 Zackary needed to be protected from the sun. 
After our swim adventure we came home and some friends delivered a bunch of freshly picked cherries!
I was pretty happy about it.
Ty made it home around 6 and he and I are sneaking away for a dinner he didn't miss out on ALL of the fun!
Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Things

 This past weekend was so busy and fun. Max left first thing Saturday morning to spend the day at scout camp. He climbed rock walls, roasted marshmallows, and came home covered in dirt! Zackary spent the day with his friend Quinn. I dropped him off and a little while later got a text message with this picture from one of my friends...not Quinn's mom...they had wandered down the street and stopped in for a visit! Such cute boys....
 I made S'mores granola bars for my Laurels! We are so so close to our Summer break and I am pretty S'mores obsessed right now. Summer = s'mores, just like Fall = pumpkin.
We spent Sunday evening at my parent's house and Zack made himself comfortable. We ate dinner followed by a s'mores themed dessert, and Max somehow found his way into the pool. The weekends are over so quickly! We are very much looking forward to the 3 day weekend coming up. 
Tuesday, May 17, 2016


 This past weekend was our ward's annual Fathers and Son's Campout. Ty took the boys for a night under the stars and I got to stay and play with the girls! I was getting over being sick, so we kept it low key on Friday night. We made a fort upstairs and made mini s'mores. 
 In the morning we headed to the library. They were having a big book sale and we were able to fill this box with books and pay just $2 for the lot. The girls were super excited to pick out whatever they wanted! The boys were home by noon and it was back to life as usual.....just with a little more laundry and dirt to attend to! 
Zoey and I went to Redlands to visit my mom. We came home with a big bag of oranges. Juicing oranges is a perfect job for kids. Zoey was happy to do it! She juiced all of the oranges and we had enough juice to make orange julius for everyone in the family. She is so awesome!
Wednesday, May 11, 2016


 We are well into spring and summer will be here any moment! I took Zoey to the park yesterday to celebrate the weather. She picked flowers and made a furry friend!

Monday, May 9, 2016

All The Things

 Zackary is such a picky eater, but he does love to eat!
He especially loves to eat apple pie! I bought the apples on Saturday and made the pie on Sunday. I can't help myself. He gets so excited over a good buttery crust filled with apples.
 Because...this is obviously the correct choice of what to wear when strawberry picking.
 She dressed herself.
 Oh well....They were successful in the strawberry picking anyway!
 Mother's Day is always a treat. I love the little gifts the kids put together at school. Zackary brought him this one....
 I love it and I shall keep it forever and ever!

I decided it was about time for Zoey to learn how to brown butter. She learned much faster than I did.
 Brown butter rice krispie treats for the win! Also....I am just loving our new grocery store in town...Aldi. I can buy everything we need to make a big pan of krispie treats for less than $2.
 Last week I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies that came out completely flat! The cookies were still tasty, but I really couldn't serve them to anyone. I stuck them in the freezer and we pulled them out to make a batch of chocolate chip cookie granola! I chopped up the cookies and added them to an oatmeal cookie granola mix. I baked everything up and it turned out pretty awesome. 
We are closing in on the end of the school year. I am really looking forward to summer vacation this year. I hope we can make it a great one!
Saturday, May 7, 2016


 Tomorrow is Mother's Day!
Ty is on call all weekend. He was gone all day today, but he managed to make a quick trip to the flower store and bring these home to me in between a few of his cases. He is pretty amazing.

Cookie Monster

 Earlier this week we met up with a bunch of friends at our neighborhood park. Mia's primary teacher was there. During Christmas last year, she discovered these cookies that were immensely popular with Mia's class. She found them after Christmas on extreme discount and bought massive amounts of cookies! She had just one bag left of the holiday treats in her car. Mia was talking about how hungry she was and her teacher went and got her the bag of cookies. Mia got the whole bag! We took the pictures so that her class will know who to blame when the cookies are all gone on Sunday!
We have some awesome friends, primary teachers, etc....
Monday, May 2, 2016

Paper Bag Princess

 Zoey and I read the Paper Bag Princess.
 and then made our own paper bag princess costume.
 Zoey is all signed up to start transitional kindergarten in the fall! I can't believe she will be gone for 3.5 hours each day. I sure have enjoyed being her preschool teacher this year!