Monday, May 20, 2013

Mia's room and complications

I have been working in Mia's room today.
Her room is very busy and very pink.
 I divided her closet into 2 parts. One side for clothes, toys, and stuffed animals and one side for a special little reading nook :)
 The little canopy is supposed to hang from the ceiling, but we haven't been able to get a hook yet so for now we are using the closet.

Mia has many little purses and bags. 
They needed somewhere to hang out.
 also....Mia's room is completely overun with My Little Ponies.
I created a pony station to keep everything together.

Speaking of Bedrooms:

Right now we have Zoey sleeping in her crib in the laundry room. We have 3 bedrooms, apart from ours, upstairs. Zack, Mia, and Max each have their own room. The guest room is downstairs and I am trying to decided whether to move Max into that room, give Zoey her own room upstairs, and keep everyone in separate rooms. Or.....should I put Zoey in with Mia and keep the boys in their own rooms, and keep everyone upstairs with us. Or....should I put the boys together and let Mia and Zoey each have their own rooms and keep everyone upstairs.

So many possibilities!!!!

I will need to make a decision eventually. Zoey cannot live in the laundry room forever.


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