Monday, September 26, 2016


I love that Zoey's T-K school days are done before noon and we can spend a few hours together before picking up the big kids!
 Zoey enjoys yoga....
 so does Mia! They are very bendy.
 Ghirardelli now makes cake mix. We were anxious to try them out!
 The girls helped!
 Speaking of baking.....I have been working on simple pumpkin recipes for a Relief Society class I am teaching next month. This chocolate drizzled pumpkin granola turned out amazing!
 Even Zoey who claims to not like pumpkin loved it!
 The girls and I had a little time together this past weekend. The boys went camping with the scouts! Mia and Zoey painted mini pumpkins to decorate with.
 The boys were camping up in Forest Falls.
 They woke up pretty almost makes me with I was there....almost!
 Zackary celebrated his 7th birthday last week too! That is where the Pikachu hat came from! Zackary loves all things Pikachu right now.
 Poor Zack....he had to pack out all of the trash from the campout! Ty said he had been throwing trash into the bushes so he was learning a lesson. Poor little pikachu!
I guess we are moving into fall. October will be here before the week is out. The next three months will fly. I want to savor them!
Saturday, September 3, 2016

Family Fun Day

Today has just been delightful. It was a beautiful cool day....for the first time in forever! I lit my pumpkin candle and baked pumpkin cookies....and then we headed out for a little adventure.
 We took the kids to Prospect Park in Redlands. 
 It was so nice to get away from the house and the heat of summer for an afternoon.
 We did lots of exploring.
 The kids enjoyed the views.
 I loved watching these little people enjoy the views. They are my favorite!
 On a different note...Max tried out for flag football this week. He is trying out for the position of wide receiver. We will find out on Monday if he made the team....whether he makes the team or not, I am proud of him for putting himself out there and trying.

 The kids got in a little tree was so green at the park!

 The girls hunted for bamboo inside the bamboo forest. Zoey said she would save it for her Panda!
 The boys caught a ton of pokemon while we were there!

 and then we were hungry...and it was time for pizza! We have wanted to try the Chicago deep dish pizza from Romano's in Redlands.
 It was so very amazing. There are few things I love more than really great pizza!

We had such a fun time together. I love weekends!