Tuesday, July 29, 2014


1. Most of the year I can brag about the wonderful weather we get to enjoy here in SoCal, but today.......July has been hot. July has been muggy. We still have to make it through August.
It's that point in the summer when you wonder why you were so excited for summer to arrive. Why didn't you appreciate the hot chocolate weather while it was here!
I have been hearing about the rain and beautiful weather in different parts of the country and I am seriously green with envy!

2. On a more positive note there is always ice cream.
I made a batch of cookies and cream ice cream for our FHE dessert last night. Today I took the kids out for Thrifty's ice cream. Mia got mint n chip (her fav.), Zack and Max both got rainbow sherbert, and Zoey just wanted a bouncy ball from the quarter machine. Happiness all around!

3. The kids are getting a bit restless. I would love for the entire summer to go on seamlessly, but I think they are about ready for school to start again! I know it will be good for them to be back on a schedule and to see all of their friends.

4. Sometimes, I just wanna run :)
(Just replace the teenage fans in the video with small children and that's me.)
No really. When I get really stressed nothing is better than a long run!

5. On a more serious note: THIS is an amazing video representing one person's amazing story! Give it a watch :)

6. Ty has tomorrow off! We are going to spend the day cuddling, enjoy an evening at the temple, and end the night with tacos! Perfection :)
Of course, entertaining the kids, feeding everyone, and cleaning will all be thrown in there somewhere. I am sure it will be a great day!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


1. Eating croissants after church today, Zack observed, "These are the most delicious things ever!"
They are pretty delightful!

2. I was using the croissants to make panino sandwiches. I made one for Ty filled with steak and cheese. Mine had nutella and raspberries. I love using Sunday as an excuse to eat croissants and nutella.

3. I find it hard to believe that August will be here before this week is done. School starts on August 13th. I spent this past week stocking up on school supplies. Pencils, lined paper, glues sticks, tape, etc.... Yesterday we went to Target for all of the clothes. Mia picked out a new pair of Hello Kitty sneakers. I think the Hello Kitty obsession is here to stay!

4. We decided to shake things up a bit at our house this weekend. We moved Zoey in with Mia and set up the bedroom in between the boy's room and girl's room as a play room. So far so good. I can't help but daydream about one of the ridiculously expensive Pottery Barn playroom organizers,
Perhaps a set up like THIS
 but for now a few closet inserts will have to do!

5. I have very little planned for the week ahead. I am thinking play dates for the kids and a few more frozen yogurt/ice cream outings. Summer will be over soon enough!

Happy Sunday Ya'll :)
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Into the Woods

The official Newman Reunion of the summer took place at a church owned and operated camp much farther away from civilization than I could have imagined!
 Not long after arriving in camp we saw this beautiful deer! All of the kids were able to watch him. It was so neat!
 There was lots of room to explore.
 My mother-in-law made little packs for each of the grandkids to wear during the trip.
 Zoey packed hers around all day. She carried a water bottle and fruit snacks inside. In case of emergency.
 I just love this picture of Mia!
 I don't really know what was going on, but they seemed to be having fun.
 Ty and I got comfortable in the shade. (It was still hot even though we were high in the mountains!)
 Max was put to work. He is always so willing. Such a good boy!
 This is Zoey with her cousin Ashtyn.
 They are the cutest girls!

Everyone had a great time.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Zions and Cedar Breaks

 We just returned from a fabulous week in Utah! We spent our first day visiting Zions National Park and the Cedar Breaks monument.
 Zions was gorgeous!
 It helped that the sky was a perfect blue.
 Just look at those amazed faces!!!
 I tried to get a decent picture of my favorite 5.
 I tried.....
 and tried.....
 and tried.....
 oh well.
 I took a picture with just Zoey.
 She is the sweetest 2 year old.
 After Zions we made a stop at Navajo Lake. It sits high in the mountains and was formed by a now inactive volcano.
 There was volcanic rock everywhere on this mountain top.
The kids thought it was pretty cool.
 Next stop was Cedar Breaks.
 It was pretty amazing.
 Ty was able to inch closer to the edge than I was.
 I found the height rather intimidating!
 We took the kids to a safer lookout point.

 No one actually made it through to the other side. We were watching!

 I think everyone was just glad to be out of the car. Breaking the trip up with little adventures and stops made the drive so much more enjoyable for us.

 I loved spending the day exploring with my family!
( I don't think I have ever realized how much shorter I am than Ty!
I looked at this picture and just couldn't believe it.)

Friday, July 11, 2014


1. Zoey got to play with this adorable puppy yesterday. She was in love with the fluffiness.
 Puppies on loan are the best way to go right now. I am not ready to commit to another baby!

2. My mom took the girl's for a special afternoon.
 Zoey had her first official manicure. She turned down the offer of a pedicure, but today she brought me the nail polish and asked me to paint her toes!
 Mia was happy to have a pedicure and sat for an hour while her toes were being decorated with Hello Kitty detail.

3. While the girls were playing with my mom, I took the boys to Jamba Juice for smoothies and then to Target. The boys were so well behaved and easy to be out with. I think the drama may be coming from the other half of my children.....

4. Tomorrow we have 2 birthday partied to attend, we need to vacuum out the car, I need to clean bathrooms, and get a few more items for our trip on Monday (we will be headed to Utah!)
It is going to be a busy Saturday.

5. I love this quote!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

This and That

 1. We are making peanut butter chocolate chip cookies this morning.
 THIS recipe has been sitting on my kitchen counter all week. I think it is a winner :)

2. The boys spent the night with my parents in the mountains.
 This looks like the perfect way to spend a summer morning. I wish we had a creek in our backyard!

3. The girls and I are driving out to meet up with the boys later. We will be joining them for a swim before bringing everyone home.
 For now the little ladies are enjoying goldfish crackers and a very tiny viewing of Despicable Me.

4. We were able to have the sister missionaries from our ward join us for dinner a few days ago. We often have the elders come for dinner but we have never had the sisters! I was excited for Mia especially to see that girls can be missionaries too!
I had fun making a very girly dinner and we had strawberry pie for dessert.

5. We are leaving for Utah on Monday. I just checked the weather and it looks like it is going to be hotter in Utah next week then it will be here in California! 

Have an awesome Thursday!