Monday, December 30, 2013


Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. This year has gone by so quickly.
2013 in a nutshell
Zoey: turned 2
learned to dance
learned to sing
discovered chocolate chip cookies
loves Curious George and Team Umizoomi
Zackary: turned 4
finished one year of speech therapy
enjoyed his first year of primary as a sunbeam
started preschool
loves nutella
played minecraft for days
loves minions
Mia: turned 6
graduated from kindergarten and started 1st grade
loves stuffed animals and my little pony
eats too much candy
likes to wear her hair in a crown braid
loves art class
Max: turned 8
got baptized
loves scouts
started 3rd grade
read every Diary of a Whimpy Kid book
loves movie night
got his yellow belt in karate
Jessica: turned 30
went gluten-free
celebrated 10 years of marriage
enjoys strength training
loves Netflix
redecorated the bedroom
learned to make the very best pie crust
Ty: timeless/ageless
climbed a mountain
worked hard at everything, everyday
loves bacon
tested countless recipes
played hours of minecraft.....just to entertain the kids of course
It was a great year. I guess I am ready for another one!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Best Laid Plans

It seems we have encountered a series of unfortunate events at our house.

1. Thursday....I had a migraine. I was thrown very behind schedule on everything.

2. Friday....My brother, who has been staying with us for the Christmas holiday, came down with the flu. Ty's brother in Utah apparently had the same thing.

3. We discussed possibly delaying/cancelling our trip to Utah.

4. Saturday.....we decided to go ahead and go to Utah. What the heck.

5. As we loaded into the car Zackary threw up for the first time.

6. We talked about not going to Utah.

7. We decided to try to go to Utah again. Surely it was a fluke.

8. We made it to Calimesa and Zack threw up again.

9. I looked at Ty and he turned the car around.

10. We are home now and I am making us some cinnamon swirl bread, which is not so unfortunate.

Utah is too cold anyway.
Friday, December 27, 2013

A Few Things

1. I woke up yesterday morning to a migraine headache! It was only the third I have ever had and it completely took me out. Thank goodness my brothers were here, because I was passed out in my bedroom for about 6 hours and the kids needed some looking after!

2. I woke up this morning without a migraine and I am very thankful :)

3. We are leaving for Utah tomorrow morning. I am not looking forward to the drive. I am not looking forward to the cold! I am scared of snow. (I do love a good opportunity to wear boots however!)

4. 2013 is almost over.
I don't think I have the energy for resolutions this year. I think I will just organize my house instead.....
(I like this idea!)

5. I have spent the past 3 months making and baking every kind of sweet and delectable treat imaginable. It has been a delightful sugary mess, but I guess in January that should slow down a bit!! Back to green smoothies......made with spinach not kale. I have decided that in 2014 I am not eating kale. I ate it in 2013 and tried to enjoy it, but seriously, it is gross. It is disgusting......end of story.

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Christmas Eve was a party!
The evening was very full. My whole family came over for food and lots of games.
The kids got new pajamas and Despicable Me 2.
We tried very hard to get everyone into bed quickly, because we were exhausted and still had plenty to do.
 Luckily we had my brothers to help put everything together.
I don't know what we will do if it is ever just Ty and I alone to do all of the work on Christmas Eve!
 This morning was pretty calm at first. The kids weren't up unusually early and I was all ready when they did wake up.
There was much rejoicing over happy gifts.
The kids were pleased. Ty did really well this year. I am very happy too!
After presents I made hot chocolate to drink with chocottone (aka...panettone made with chocolate chunks in place of dried fruit. Ty ate it at Christmas time while serving his mission in Peru.)
Next we loaded into the car for a quick drive into the mountains for lunch at my parent's house.
 Mia was sporting her new pink headphones. She was listening to music from the "Frozen" soundtrack.
I just love it.

We have enjoyed a really wonderful Christmas.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

 This little girl is looking more grown up all the time!
She is very excited for tomorrow morning.

We started our day at Victoria Gardens. Upon our arrival we realized that Zac had made the trip without any shoes so we made a quick stop at Stride-Rite. Luckily the iron man (extra wide style) was on now Zac got an early Christmas present!
Next we stopped in for a visit with Santa. The kids all got candy canes and Santa told them all to be sure and be in bed early. I will remind them of that later!
Ty took everyone to the apple store and I wandered through William-Sonoma. I took Mia shopping at Justice. I thought she would love it and she did!
I can't believe it is Christmas Eve! It has been a wonderful season.

Merry Christmas!
Monday, December 23, 2013

Cookie decorating

We were supposed to have a big cookie baking/decorating extravaganza with my mom and sister in law today, but that didn't work out so it was just the kids and I and one last batch of gingerbread cookies.
I told the kids this would be our last batch until next year.
We have had a lot of fun making all of our Christmas goodies and treats.
I think I am ready for Christmas now.
Friday, December 20, 2013

Week's End

 It has been a very busy week!
It was my week to drive the carpool so Zac and I spent a lot of time in the car entertaining ourselves.
 It was loads of fun, but I am very excited about 3 weeks of not driving the carpool following this one....Too bad we have to drive to Utah.
 Zoey discovered pockets.

 I took the kids to Starbucks for cakepops and hot chocolate.
 I ended up losing my keys and we were at Starbucks much longer than originally planned, but all ended well.

Max, Mia, and I built gingerbread houses out of graham crackers at the library.
 Ty watched the younger kids so that I could just take the older 2, and let me just was so relaxing.
 Max put his house together all by himself.
 He did a great job.
 Both Max and Mia were extremely sugar high following this activity.

Mia brought home a tiny container of bubbles for Zoey.
 It was received with much joy.
 Christmas bubbles are the best.
Yay weekend!!!!!
Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Today's Schedule

Drive carpool
Drop off older kids at elementary school
Drop off Zackary at preschool
IEP meeting with Zackary's speech language pathologist
Grocery store for kid's Christmas celebration needs
Make hot chocolate truffles for Christmas Eve
Test hot chocolate truffles :)
Pick up Zackary
Pick up Max and Carpool home
Pick up Mia from art class
Dress Zack for Christmas program
Drop Zack off for Christmas program
Drop off Max at scouts
Celebrate Zackary's performance success
Pick up Max from scouts


We are right in the middle now. Hopefully we can make it to the end.
(3 more school days until Christmas break!)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Life Lately

1. All 3 older children have been busy getting ready for school Christmas programs. Zackary's program is on Tuesday night, followed by Mia's on Wednesday night, and then Max will finish us off on Thursday night. It will be a busy week!

2. Zoey does not have an official program to participate in, but she does love to sing Christmas carols! We were able to go caroling on Monday night this week. It was freezing cold and windy but Zoey still sang her little heart out. I just love that about her!

3. 2 weeks left until Christmas. I have lots of wrapping left to do and still a  little shopping.

4. Our credit card number was stolen for the 4th time over the weekend. It was cancelled right away and we did not lose the money, but it is so annoying! Most of our bills are automatically withdrawn so every time this happens we have to contact everyone everywhere and change everything. I sure do wish we lived in a more honest world!

5. I have made more batches of gingerbread men this year than ever before. Suddenly they are my family's favorite cookie and I figure we had better take advantage of the season while we can.

6. Ty will be enjoying an 11 mile hike this Saturday. I hope he survives.

7. I will be at home eating gingerbread men.

Have a lovely Wednesday!
Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Season Temple Trip

 We took the kids to the Redlands temple for a little visit.
It is a beautiful temple!
 We came to see the nativity and talk about Christmas.
 It was cold.
We asked the kids who these people were.
 We talked about Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. 
I love sharing these special moments with my children. 
Then we explored the grounds....
 I love how it looks like Mia and Zack are about to jump into the fountain.
They would never do a thing like that.
 The flower gardens still had blooms even despite it being December and very cold. (Not Salt Lake cold, but cold enough for us!)
 After our temple trip we did a little Christmas shopping and went out for a fun dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Max and Mia love orange chicken, Zackary loves egg rolls, and all 4 kids enjoy chow mein :)
It was a great night!
Christmas time is so fun!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December!!!

Thanksgiving break/week was lovely.
Today it was back to school and all of the craziness!

I made a brown butter pecan pie for Thanksgiving dessert. It was delicious and gone quickly. Last night Ty was asking for some. We decided it was best just to make another pie.

We have been listening to Christmas music. THIS song is a favorite :)

It happens occasionally that I run out of peanut butter. It is strange and unfortunate, especially because today I want a big mug of THIS....

I kicked off the holiday movie watching with The Holiday.
It is one of my favorite movies any time, but a must watch at holiday time :)

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Handy Hubby

 I came across THIS crate on pinterest from the idea room.
 I really loved it! I showed it to Ty and he thought he could make something like it.
he spent his day off yesterday making one for me!
I love it!
We plan to use it by the tree to put presents in and then after Christmas for storage.
(I have such a handy hubby!)

Birthday/Thanksgiving Day

 It was a very busy and most delightful holiday!
The morning began with a Birthday Brunch party for Zoey.
 We had apple coffee cake topped with caramel frosting.
Zoey opened packages and blew out both of her candles at once!

 I attempted to take a perfect picture of all 4 kids.....
 I tried again.....
 and again.....
 Oh well!

 Ty took the older kids to see "Frozen", and while he was gone Zoey and I did this....
 and then this....
I just couldn't resist!
 Everyone came home and my parents arrived for dinner.
The pies were my favorite part.
Butter was the reason.
I am now completely exhausted but happy!
It was a wonderful day and now I am ready for a good night's sleep :)


My new phone has picture taking capabilities.
 This is me trying to figure it out....
 This is Zac.....obviously annoyed with my inability to take a decent picture!
 Max, who is getting so big and grown up!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 So much to be thankful for today!
 I am spending the day with my family! Cooking and celebrating together :)

It's Thanksgiving, but it is also someone's 2nd birthday.....

Happy Birthday Little Miss Zoey!
I can't believe she is 2.
I hoped and prayed for thankful she is a part of our family.

She is getting her very own birthday brunch party this morning, before Thanksgiving really takes off.

Have a wonderful holiday :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Weekender

We have had a pretty amazing weekend.

On Friday afternoon, my parents took the three older kids for a sleepover in the mountains. Ty and I were left at home with just Zoey to look after us. We spent the evening wrapping Christmas presents and watching movies.
On Saturday, with the kids still away, we watched Food Network Live Thanksgiving Edition. It was very fun and got us all excited and ready for Thanksgiving this week.
When Max, Mia, and Zack came home I had the boys help me make pigs in blankets using homemade roll dough. Zackary loved them and kept asking for blankets with pigs!
Sunday has been crazy as usual. Sometimes it is hard to have Ty gone on Sunday mornings. I feel like I always forget something! It was hectic, but I was able to get everything and everyone to church on time.
I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon baking. You can never have too many cookies in your freezer around the holidays!
I am looking forward to the week. Tomorrow the kids and I are going to restock our craft supplies. They have been running seriously low and now all we have is paper.
They love to create and I think a week off from school calls for all sorts of projects!

Have a great week :)
Thursday, November 21, 2013

This and That

1. Well....I finally got a smart phone. Well....Ty finally deactivated my flip phone and handed me a smart phone to use.
So far so good.

2. Ty and I spent the morning at the temple yesterday! I loved every minute :)
I left feeling so thankful!

3. After the temple Ty and I tried out Eureka Burger in Redlands. We managed to eat 2 orders of truffle oil infused cheese fries. They were all kinds of awesome!

4. I found THIS idea from Yammie's Noshery to make teeny tiny chocolate chip cookies....
They are just chocolate chip cookies (made using the mini chocolate chips!) and then rolled into ridiculously small cookies.
We have made these twice this week and my kids cannot get enough!
They love being able to pop an entire cookie into their mouths.

5. How amazing does THIS hot chocolate look?
We have been making hot chocolate almost every night using all different kinds of flavors and mix ins.

6. Thanksgiving is only a week away!
I want them all and will never be able to decide.

7. Today is Zackary's last day of school before the Thanksgiving break. His class is having a Thanksgiving feast today and he has been excited about it all week! I can't wait to pick him up and hear all about it.

8. Speaking of Thanksgiving break......It is going to be such an amazing week :)
I am very much looking forward to the laziness!

Happy Thursday!