Friday, May 3, 2013

Cookies and Chit-Chat

I wanted to have granola for breakfast this morning but I was all out and I was feeling a bit too lazy to make a new batch. Instead I decided on an oatmeal cookie that I had made the other day and a glass of almond milk. Practically the same thing! 

I need this in my kitchen:
Also this:

At any rate, I support oatmeal cookies for breakfast.
These Power Cookies, adapted from one that they sell at Whole Foods, look like they would make a great breakfast cookie as well.
For next time!

The kids wanted french toast for breakfast today. They prefer an actual hot breakfast. I used my go-to french toast recipe. Everyone was happy. Cream and brown sugar are to blame!

We had a scary wildfire burn quite close to us this week. I can see the scorched hills from my window right now. Our house has smelled like smoke for days.
 We are having  a bit of car drama. My car has been giving us all sorts of trouble. I would love to be able to drive it with confidence, but instead I just drive it with lots of prayer :)

Ty will be home for the weekend starting tonight! I guess he promised Max that he would take him to see Iron Man 3 so that may be happening at some point.

It is May 3rd already! I told the kids this morning that this was the last month of school before summer vacation. Wow!

I am looking forward to my first May weekend. Happy Friday!


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