Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back to School

 Summer is over! In is still very hot, but the kids are back in school! Zoey, Mia, and Zack started on Monday!
 I can't believe our little Miss Zoey is in school! She started T-K! So far she is loving it. I love picking her up after school and I still carry her like she is tiny, even though she is getting so big now.

 Big sister Mia started 4th grade! She has 2 teachers this year and she loves them.
 I think it is going to be a great year for her. She is such a great helper with Zoey. She walks her to class every morning!
 Zackary! Zackary started first grade. I think he was ready to get back to school and see his friends, get back to learning, and eat lots of hot lunch. Zackary is my only child that gets hot lunch. He loves it so much!
 Max started junior high at the local charter school on Tuesday. I took no pictures, because....I forgot...Maybe I will take one tomorrow! He had a wonderful first day! As he walked onto campus everyone was cheering for the new 6th graders and passing out donuts. His STEM class has a 3-D printer and the student store sells Jamba Juice! He is a happy camper.
 All this schooling is a bit tiring! The kids are ready for bed by 8! I am too really.....I kind of miss my no - alarm summer sleep schedule.
 While the kids are at school I have been busy....cookies have been involved! Yesterday I made snickerdoodles for Zack. They are his favorite. We passed them out to all of the friends after school.
 Today I made a healthier cookie. Full of peanut butter and chocolate, my favorite! I think they will make a great after school snack.
 In other news....I bought a pack of canvas and all of the kids got to paint a piece for their rooms. Zack painted a Pikachu! He is kind of into Pokemon right now.
We have been loving catching bits and pieces of the olympic games in Rio! The kids have really enjoyed it too. We made Brigadeiro truffles last night! We talked about Brazil and the olympics. The kids helped. Everyone got to eat a truffle and then we went to bed...because it was after 8 and we were all exhausted!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


 The girls are off with my mom today, so the boys and I are having a day! Not as many pictures as with the girls...the boys aren't as into it...We took  trip to Game Stop and the boys traded in an older game for a new one. We came home to mini chicken sandwiches for lunch and then some gaming time....because it is hot outside and it makes them happy.
 School starts next week for these two. Zackary will be in first grade! He is excited and ready to go. Max will be starting 6th grade and junior high! He is thrilled to be starting at a new school and happy that his two best friends will be attending the same school.
I hope we can continue to find happy moments as the days get busier!

Monday, August 1, 2016


The boys are away with friends today! They are swimming and bowling and having a good time so the girls and I aren't feeling bad about having fun without them while they are gone!
 Zoey found a furry friend at the bike shop.....we spend a lot of time there now that Ty is an ultimate trail rider.
 We found out this morning that Zoey will be in early bird T-K starting next Monday! To celebrate we picked out some new shoes and a new shirt to wear on the first day. (she is wearing the shirt now, but that's ok!) I was super excited about the tiny pair of TOMs shoes we found for her!
 We picked up some canvas while we were out and the girls worked on artwork for their bedrooms. We always listen to Disney music while we paint. 
This picture does not at all represent the happiness we were  all feeling about enjoying berries and nutella for lunch. 
I do so love my little girls. These happy days are so precious!