Monday, May 2, 2016

Paper Bag Princess

 Zoey and I read the Paper Bag Princess.
 and then made our own paper bag princess costume.
 Zoey is all signed up to start transitional kindergarten in the fall! I can't believe she will be gone for 3.5 hours each day. I sure have enjoyed being her preschool teacher this year!

Thursday, April 28, 2016


 We had such a fun Family Home Evening on Monday night. I had white pillowcases and fabric paints. The kids each got to decorate their own pillowcase with the paints.
It was a big hit. Creativity is such a great outlet!
 Of course Ty helped out where he was needed. He really is our resident artist!
 Mia's puppy pillowcase.
 Zoey's Z going in the right direction! She almost always writes it backwards so I am happy it is beginning to turn the right way.

My mom had a birthday so we made a cake....
 Chocolate and strawberries are always a good combination.

I made peanut butter bars with chocolate birthday or special occasion necessary. I had to sneak a taste. Peanut butter forever for always...
 On a completely different note....Ty and I were able to sit on a career panel for the young women on Wednesday night. It was so much fun! I was there representing the stay at home mom career choice! It was such a fun night. 

Tomorrow is Friday. It has been a great week. Can't wait for the weekend!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Life Lately

Ty was able to attend another Career Day at school!
The kids always feel like a superstar when their dad is in the room!
 This is the little's favorite cake. I use a white cake mix....make a big batch of buttercream frosting to spread on top...and then sprinkle with some jimmies. They can't get enough! In a 9x13 no stacking required.
 Sometimes Ty works all night long and needs to come home and go to bed.
 Sometimes Zack gets together with friends. The cutest boys!

New York

 Ty and I flew to New York last week for an epic adventure without the kids! Ty's mom was nice enough to come stay with the littles. We kept tabs on them constantly! Technology is fun sometimes! We missed them, but loved seeing their cute faces and hearing their sweet voices through the phone.

Ty was in New York for a leadership conference and I tagged along. The city was amazing!
 This arch was modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in France. It stands in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village.
 I spent an afternoon walking down 5th Ave. I picked up gifts for the kids!
 There was so much history! So many beautiful old church buildings.
 The Empire State Building.
 The best almond butter cups ever. I want to order them in bulk and have them always in my purse forever.
 Ty and I were able to visit the Trade Center Memorial.
 We went to the very top....102 stories up!
 This was the city view from the top.
We walked all day and figured out the subway system!
We made it to Serendipity!
 They seated us right where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale sat in the movie!
 I was so happy to be there!
 Frozen Hot Chocolate!
 Totally amazing and must be re-created at home.
 We visited a total of 3 Apple stores while in Manhattan. This one is the flagship store! Ty was at one with his people.
 We walked through Central Park to see the Manhattan temple. We felt like this was our own little part of the city.
 Then we stumbled across the Hotel Empire...the hotel owned by Chuck bass in the Gossip Girl series...not that I would know ;)
 St. Patty's Cathedral.
 It was beautiful!
 The Fat Witch bakery for famous almond brownies! (the chocolate meter on this trip was ridiculously high!)
 Outside Chelsea Market.
 Inside Grand Central.
 There was more....Rockefeller Center, Times Square, A late night dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse, shopping for baguettes at a beautiful was a wonderful trip! We had a great time and we were so excited to come home to the kids. I picked up this granola for the trip home. More chocolate to end with!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

School Pictures...

Zack is in kindergarten this year....He is 6 years old and doing great! 
 Little Miss Mia...3rd grade and 8 years old! 
 Max is our big 5th grader. 10 years old and off to junior high in the fall. 
 While the kids were at school today, Zoey and I were baking. Snacks for after school and treats for lunch boxes. Blueberry muffins, carrot muffins, and peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Apple Pie

 Zackary loves apple pie. It is his favorite dessert! He wanted a pie last week and I told him I would give it a go. I made a few pies a couple weeks ago for pi day.....they were kind of terrible and I wanted to prove to myself that I could make a decent pie!
This pie turned out perfect. We ate the entire thing in 2 days. 
Zack was happy and I am glad to report that I am no longer a pie making failure.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Getting Crafty

Mia's latest American Girl magazine featured a how-to for making chocolate dipped spoons. 
Mia is adorable and I am a sucker for these kind of little crafts so off to the store we went for plastic spoons. My favorite chocolate chips were on sale so we stocked up and used them for our melted chocolate.
 Mia dipped the spoons in the chocolate and then added colorful sprinkles to the top. We are going to use the spoons for hot chocolate! So fun.
A few hours later we switched gears and made some peanut butter play-doh. I mixed peanut butter with honey, powdered milk, and powdered sugar.
 Everyone thought it was pretty tasty!

Spring Break Fun

Ty is working this week so the kids and I are making our own fun around town. Yesterday we went on a little adventure just behind our neighborhood.
 It was a cold and windy, but beautiful day!
 It was good to be outside in the quiet...away from the screens. Screen free time is so important!
 After the walk we stopped at the park.
 The kids played for a while and then Mia came and sat in the grass with me. I read to her from "Farmer Boy" for over an hour! She loved it! I am excited to get her interested in the Little House series.
 We read more in the evening while we waited for our chocolate chip cookies to bake. I tried a new recipe last night and it had great potential! It needs some twerking, but I think I can make them perfect next time.
 Today started with seems to be the favorite breakfast. I think the kids are just anxious to start the day and want something they can gulp down and run!
Max will be meeting a friend later to play. I think we may pick up some Easter treats for the weekend. I am kind of behind on my planning this year!
I am really going to miss Spring Break when my alarm goes off on Monday morning!