Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

 Today was the annual gingerbread house building party at the library.
Last year I took Max and Mia and we had a blast so I made sure to sign us up again. This time I brought all 4 kids along!
 Everyone got a plate filled with candy, pretzels, and graham crackers, as well as a big bowl of frosting.
 Decorating is so much fun when you can make a mess on plastic tablecloths and spill onto a floor that is not your own.
 It was really fun! The kids got very creative.
 Max had a style all his own.
 Even Zoey built a little house.
 Almost all the houses survived the drive home. Mia's turned into a pile of graham and frosting.
It was a fun way to spend our afternoon. The Christmas season is just flying by!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life Lately

 I found these little gingerbread jars at Ross and I had to buy them! I made a big batch of hot chocolate mix and filled up all three jars. (We tested out the mix on Sunday and it was delish!)
The kids took the jars to school as teacher gifts. I thought it was adorable.
 I got a happy little phone call from Max yesterday. He was calling from school at about 1:45 to tell me that he was performing with the honor band at 2:00!
I grabbed Zoey and we drove as fast as we could to the school.
 We made it just in time and I loved every minute of the performance. Max did great!

 We had our Bishopric caroling FHE last night. I loved all of the singing....probably more than anyone else did.
After caroling everyone came back to our house for cookies and cocoa.
No one left until 9:30! I was tired!

I am trying to stay on top of my to-do list!
9 days until Christmas :)
Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Stuff

1. I watched THIS video twice yesterday!
Christmas spirit guaranteed to follow!

2. Thanks to all the rain we received everything is starting to look green again. The mountains even got some snow! Rain is a good thing!
(see song reference HERE)

3. Poor Max woke up with a bad cold. I made him some hot cider. He will be spending the weekend wrapped in blankets and reading Harry Potter.

4. I recently read a post on a popular blog that detailed the things that every girl needs to be happy and healthy.
I used her list and came up with my own answers to fill each need. 

A go to drink - chocolate :)

 A go to Karaoke Song - "Ho-Hey" by the Lumineers ( I really don't sing much karaoke, but I do an awesome version of this song in my kitchen!)

A Uniform - yoga pants, warm socks, sweaters.....I think this is a totally acceptable uniform.... (very comfortable too!)

A good hairstylist - Me, myself, and I.
( I haven't been to a hairstylist in years and I am okay with that )

 An Exercise Routine - I run.
Running is my therapy!

A Hobby - This was a tough one....I run (can my exercise routine be a hobby too?), I bake/cook (mostly to feed my family, but for fun too), I read...(fitness magazines count right?), Pinterest.....pinning all the things every day!

A Best Friend - EASY....Ty
(he really is!)

A Healthy Sense of Self - I am a daughter of God
(That's good enough for me)

5. I bought really cute little gingerbread house jars to fill with hot chocolate mix and pass out as teacher gifts. That is what I will be working on today!

Have a great weekend!
Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We took the kids out to see some awesome Christmas light displays.
There is a neighborhood that goes all out that we like to visit each year.
We parked our car at the start so that we could walk through the neighborhood. It was pretty magical!
Max and Mia were very excited to see the Grinch.
There were all kinds of lights and decorations. It was a very fun and festive evening!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Happy Monday!

Zoey and I are home today. Food Network is on to inspire us to do all of our holiday baking. Zoey is wearing her Christmas socks, and no pants, for the occasion.

Toblerone bars were on sale at the store this morning. I tried to talk myself out of them, but I lost and the Toberone bars came home with me.

I met with Zackary's teachers at school this morning for an IEP meeting. It went really well. I am so pleased with all that Zackary is doing right now and how hard he is working. It is always nice to meet with the team of people who are working with him.

It was amazing! I am going to make more for FHE treat tonight.

Ty's work Christmas party is coming up this weekend. I never know what to wear to those things.
No matter what I wear, we have a babysitter coming to stay with the kids, and I am just looking forward to spending an evening with Ty!

Have a great week!

Saturday, December 6, 2014


1. Oh weekend. We are so happy you are here!
I woke up and ran a 10K.
It was wonderful.
Then I sat myself down with a mug of hot chocolate and lost all motivation to do anything else.

2. Our family pictures are done!
Here is a little snippet for you:

I think they turned out great!

3. Max watched all 7 Harry Potter movies over the Thanksgiving break and now he is completely hooked.
He finished the first two books and he is working on the third!

4. I am working on my menu for Christmas Eve / Christmas Morning. THESE Cinnamon Rolls look amazing!
(FYI: we are just 19 days away from Christmas! This month comes and goes SO quickly!)

5.  I am excited to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional tomorrow night. I am trying to keep our Christmas Christ centered and watching this devotional always helps remind me what Christmas is really about!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


1. Day 3 of December and so far we are having a wonderful month! We started our 25 days of Christ on Sunday so that we could finish before Christmas. I love the little extra spirit it has brought into our home each day!

2. Zackary brought home a chocolate filled advent calendar from school yesterday. The kids were quick to catch up to the current day and they are really excited to open another door tomorrow!

3. Biscotti has been an unexpectedly huge hit at our house. I made a batch over the weekend. I think the idea of a cookie stick is one that the kids really enjoy.
Biscotti moment!! :)

4. I have been loving Gilmore Girls all over again since it came to Netflix in October. Such a happy show!

5. I need to tell the world about the wonderful combination that is Amazon Prime and the gift guides found on Pinterest.
My Christmas shopping was a breeze! It is all done and I feel great about what I got for the kids!
Highly recommend!

6. Speaking of Christmas gifts....The shopping was a breeze, but now I have a guest room filled with presents that need to be wrapped.
Ty and I like to have wrapping parties this time of year. We put the kids to bed and drink hot chocolate and try to get things wrapped.
We have been so busy...Ty has not been home....since last week, so maybe tomorrow night!

Happy Wednesday! Just 2 more days until Friday!
Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Gingey Project....and more

 Mia has been working on a special assignment for school. It is the Flat Gingey Project, inspired by Flat Stanley.
 Flat Gingey has been tagging along with us during our everyday fun. She is in the car, helping us make Christmas cookies.....
 decorating the tree....
 and sampling fudge.
 We have been taking lots of pictures of Mia with Gingey and she will be putting them all together along with her own story about Flat Gingey's adventures.
 Mia is such a cute girl!

Now onto something completely different: Max!
 Max was just moved into advanced band at school. This means one more trip to and from the school during the week for me, but I am happy he is enjoying music so much!

Monday, December 1, 2014


1. I had so much fun baking cookies for Zoey's birthday on Friday. It totally put me in the mood for more baking days!
I bought white chocolate and peppermint at the store today, just so I can make THESE cookies.
We are having a little holiday get together at our house on the 15th. Anything I make I can freeze for then. (This is how I justify so much cookie making.)

2. I can't believe it is December!
The kids are so excited for Christmas and I am thinking 25 days is not long enough! It is going to be over in a flash.
We are going out to see some awesome Christmas lights tomorrow night. There is a neighborhood in a nearby town that really does it up. Families sell hot chocolate and popcorn in their driveways. I think the kids are going to love it.

3. More I am looking forward to this month:
This always gets me in the right spirit!
watching The Grinch, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Family Man, Elf, etc....
Peppermint Bark.
Visiting Family.

All the things!

4. THIS bark looks amazing. Going on the list :)

5. Random....not December oriented....
I thought I loved coconut oil. I was using it in all sorts of things, but the last few times I have used it, I have hated it.
Perhaps my love affair with coconut is coming to an end.
Is it okay to go back to butter and olive oil?

6. The kids went back to school today after having a whole week of vacation for Thanksgiving. They said they weren't ready to go, but I have been ready since Saturday!

7. Zackary's favorite breakfast as of late, hot chocolate and a pop-tart....breakfast of champions, not so much, but he really likes it!

Happy December!
Friday, November 28, 2014


 Today is little miss Zoey's THIRD birthday!
I was so excited to spend the day celebrating with her.
Zoey woke up at 5 this morning to lots of pink balloons!
 She helped me pull out the Christmas decorations and she got to decorate her own little happy birthday/merry Christmas tree.
 We are having a cookie/hot chocolate party tonight for Zoey's birthday.
 I baked sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies while watching "The Holiday" of my very favorite Christmas movies :)
Zoey helped me frost the sugar cookies with lots of white icing and pink sprinkles.

I am so happy to have Zoey in our family!
She is a wonderful little lady :)
Zoey loves pink, puppies, horses, chocolate, berries, milk, cuddles, warm pajamas, team umizoomi, dancing, singing, and her brothers and sister.

Happy Birthday Zoey!