Monday, June 29, 2015

Pretty in Pink

 Little Miss Zoey
 AKA: Fairy Princess

Summer Contd.

 Max went to scout camp last week! It was a 3 day long day camp in the nearby mountains.
 He had so much fun! They did all kinds of games and crafts. They were able to ride horses, shoot BB guns, and practice archery. I am very thankful to the leaders who helped pull it off!
 June is almost over and the days continue to be HOT.
We spent another day at my parents pool. Popsicles are great for hydrating little people!
I spent my time admiring fabulous recipes in a new cookbook.
Summer continues to be awesome!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Life

 We spent another day swimming at my parent's pool today. Triple digit temperatures and lots of sunshine really wear out the kids!
 We were able to celebrate my birthday with a fabulous Michelle's cake while we were there. Happy Birthday to me :)
 Yesterday was the last day of swimming lessons this summer. The kids have really improved their skills.
 Next year Zoey will be joining everyone in the pool for lessons. The teachers ask that the students be at least 4 1/2 years old.
She has been a great little friend while we watch the big kids.
Summer is going great!
Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another Pool Day!!

 After a full week of swim lessons at the Beaumont City Pool we were really looking forward to our Saturday! Ty was home and we spent the day at my parent's house hanging at the pool.

 I was applying and reapplying sunblock all day!
 Zoey loves to float.
 Max is all about the boogie board.

 My parent's new backyard is a little oasis and we are loving spending time there.
 Today we set the table with lots of chips, watermelon, and pineapple.

 We had a great day and left feeling exhausted from all of the sunshine!
I am really looking forward to Sunday, because I need one day a week to relax from all of the dirty towels and swimwear.
More swimming on Monday!
Friday, June 5, 2015

Mini Cakes and Summer Kick-Off

 To celebrate finishing another school year the kids decorated their own little mini cakes.
 I made a couple of big cakes and then cut them into little circles.
 The kids each got two circles and decorated their own layer cake.
 There were sprinkles everywhere, but it was fun! Max got this mini monster from his teacher for having excellent behavior all year!
 Today we took our scooters to the park first thing.
Getting up and out in the morning is a great start for the day! It just happens to be National Donut Day so after all of the running and playing at the park we refueled at the donut shop.
Summer vacation is going to be lovely!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

This and That

 My parents bought a new house. It has a pool! They haven't officially moved in yet, but we have already visited the backyard.
 We took the kids out of school early the other day (today is the last day, so really they could not have missed much!) and we headed to Redlands. We stopped at Rubios for fish tacos and then we set ourselves up for a pool day.
 The kids had so much fun! Everyone enjoyed the sunshine. Ty loved it too. We already have another pool day planned for this coming Monday.
 Swim lessons for the kids start on Monday as well! We are ready for our summer break.
 This was Zoey after the pool. Sunshine wears little people out!
 So fast forward 2 days and we have finally arrived at the last day of school! No more sunshine. It was a cloudy 50 degree day! I went to the school for Zackary's kindergarten program.
speaking of Kindergarten....This entire year we thought Zackary was in transitional kindergarten and that next year he would be in regular kindergarten. It was what we signed him up for and he wasn't old enough to be in kindergarten anyway. Surprise! He has spent the entire year in regular kindergarten and we had no idea. His teacher was as surprised as we were. She looked up his birthday and realized he should not have been in the class. He has kept up really well and they were ready to send him on to first grade, but Ty and I just felt like he could use another year, especially since he is so much younger than the other kids. He will be attending a full- day kindergarten class in the fall. I don't really think of the situation as holding him back. I am thinking of it as giving him more time to prepare for first grade!

That is all.

Tomorrow is Summer! Yay :)