Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Things

1. Mia has decided that she is no longer eating meat. She has been asking about where all of our food comes from for a while and she has recently become very disturbed that animals are killed for food. Last night she was trying to convince Zackary that he needed to stop eating his beloved Mcdonald's cheeseburgers to save more cows. Zackary (who was holding a plastic toy gun at the time) replied, "I will kill the animals."
I think he will not be joining Mia in her quest for vegetarianism.....
I told Mia that I will support her decision, but we had a little discussion about nutrition and how she will need to eat more nuts and beans to get her protein. I am hoping this will actually work to my advantage in getting her to eat better. We shall see!

2. Last week when Ty and I went out my brother watched the kids for us. Before we left I told Zackary that he would need to be a helper and babysit Zoey. I thought it might help with his overall behavior if he had a little responsibility. Ever since that night he has been extra kind to Zoey and very helpful with her. He tells me all the time what a good babysitter he is and I agree!

3. I found this quote yesterday and I love it!
It reminds me of this quote by President Hinkley:
We are children of God who are filled with potential. We should be striving for excellence in all that we do. 

These look pretty awesome, but I can't help thinking that I would love to use a peanut butter cookie dough in place of the chocolate chip! That's just me and my obsession for all things peanut butter coming out.

5. Max continues to surprise and impress me all the time. He has started reading the scriptures on his own. He likes to read a chapter here or there and everywhere throughout the books and then report to me what he has read. He is a great example to me and really keeps me on my game. If he is reading his scriptures then I had better be reading mine!

6. One more thought!
This quote from Mother Teresa:
As a mother I can really appreciate this one.
My days are filled with many small things. Sometimes I forget how important those small things are to my children and how much it means to them that those things are done with love.
I can make pancakes with great love.
I can style hair with great love.
I can read stories with great love.
I can do laundry with great love.

These are all small things, but what a wonderful idea to do them with love.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Max amazed me too! Also, Mia not eating meat? I sshe a communist? I am glad that you know enough about nutrition to make sure that she can stay healthy. She is such a city girl though. Maybe let her know what happens to papa and mama moo's cows.