Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday This and That

1. Spring Break week was wonderful. It was a much needed vacation for everyone, but I was ready to get back to normal this morning. Max and Mia have seemed extra antsy and anxious the past couple of days and I could tell they were ready to get back into their routines. I sent them off with stomachs full of leftover dinner rolls and trifle, because that is what everyone was wanting to eat this morning!

2. Ty was able to trade his call weekend with another CRNA and now he gets to be home for conference weekend! I am planning a King Benjamin Campout in the tv room for Friday night. Complete with THESE indoor chocolate dipped peanut butter s'mores!

3. Don't get any crazy ideas. I do not like to camp, but I can play in a tent in the house and eat s'mores occasionally and have a grand old time.

4. Zack's therapy is cancelled this week while speech is moved to new offices in the district. I was actually really looking forward to having such an open day to transition back into reality. My plan for the day, while the older kids are at school, is to dive in and deep clean their rooms. When they are home for a week their bedrooms start to look like disaster areas. I am sure this summer will be lovely :)

5. Ty and I went to the Cabazon outlet stores on Saturday and bought nothing. 

6. I have leftover brownie chunks and raspberries in my freezer. I think we all need some of THIS
I think Ty would love it and I do love him, even though he is no fun to shop with.

Have a Happy Monday!


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