Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday has been cancelled

I guess I really wasn't ready for Monday!
After looking over the plan for today I decided that I would need to reschedule Mia's dermatology appointment this afternoon for another day. Her appointment was at 4:00 and Max has karate at six. The appointment was all the way in Loma Linda and I really didn't think we could make it back in time for karate. I called and cancelled the appointment and said I would call back to reschedule after I had a chance to look over my calendar. About 5 minutes later I was talking to my mom and she said that she could take Mia to her appointment this afternoon so that I could still get Max to karate. I called the dermatology office back, but they had already given away her spot!!!! They had an opening for this morning at 11, but that would mean I would have had to leave the house immediately and take Mia out of school and then head out to Loma Linda......I decided to hang up the phone and try to find a dermatologist a little closer to home. Maybe I will do that tomorrow......
Also....Zack is still a little sick with his cough. I decided to cancel his speech session for this morning. It seemed immediately after cancelling that he was filled with energy and vigor. He was running around the house and attacking Zoey. It made me feel just grand about cancelling his therapy.

So there you have it. Monday has begun and I have cancelled the day.
At least Max will be able to go to karate tonight and at least we have beef to make taco salad.
I am going to use all of my extra time today to make some homemade nutella. I went to the store this morning with a very specific list:


They were out of Nutella. Zackary was devastated. At least I have hazelnuts so that I can make my own. At least I have a Vita-Mix that has the power to pulverize nuts and make them into something amazing!!!!
(Have I ever mentioned how much I adore my Vita-Mix blender......never one regret over that purchase!!!)

Anyway....extra time = homemade nutella for Zack to eat with strawberries (which they did have at the store.) and for me to make THESE cookies. (there must be cookies somewhere in this post.)

How is your Monday going???


  1. I love when things get to slow down because of cancellations! (I have two teams to coach today and wouldn't mind if it kept snowing so we could skip out.