Monday, April 8, 2013

Warming up Monday

We enjoyed a beautiful conference weekend. The mornings were cool and the afternoons were perfect for some outside fun. On Sunday we went to my parent's house in Forest Falls and the kids played in the creek. We even had a barbeque!

Today the kids are back in coats and I am warming my feet next to our little space heater. These cold days always take me by surprise.

I found THIS cookie recipe over the weekend. Pretty much everything I love in life! The original recipe is vegan and NOT gluten-free.
I have learned not to write off a recipe just because the ingredients need to be swapped out, changed, or substituted. The kitchen is a great place to experiment and while I do sometimes end up with an inedible mess for the most part I get good results!
I took this recipe and altered it to include an egg and swapped out the flour for almond meal to make these Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cookies gluten-free and slightly less vegan :)
I had them for breakfast with almond milk while sitting in front of the fire with Zackary and Zoey.
An ideal moment!

Do you like to experiment in the kitchen?

I think my cooking/baking habits came from my mother who never followed a recipe in her life and always managed to come up with something everyone loved. We just never enjoyed the same something more than once!

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm with you! Sometimes I come up with something Cole thinks is divine and wants to have again but for the most part we never have the same meal/treat twice :)