Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Conference Thoughts

We so enjoyed this past conference weekend.
Ty was home and we were able to watch most of the conference together with minimal interruption! 
We talked with Max and Mia before the conference began. We explained that we wanted them to try and sit and listen to at least one talk each session. I told them that if they took notes and were able to tell me something about the talk they would get to pick a candy from the treat jar. This plan worked out well for Max. He sat through most of each session and took notes for several talks. Sometimes he was playing "Plants vs. Zombies" on his i-pod, but for the most part he was paying attention!
These are his notes from the first session:

It says: Prayer is how we communicate with God.
One thing that is important is to take the sacrament each week.
Jesus forgives us if we repent.
The Savior wants to forgive.

Pretty basic and pretty powerful!

On the back of his notes I found this drawing:

It is his hand inside of a baseball glove. Max recently decided that he wants to play baseball next year. He is working on throwing and catching and hitting the ball.
(This drawing is way better than anything I could come up with so I was impressed! Max gets his artistic abilities from Ty!)

Mia did not pay much attention to the talks, but she did make some lovely drawings and she was adorable for each and every session :)
(I may have let her pick out a candy anyway...because I was turned to squish by all of the talks myself.)

I love how quickly the talks and quotes from conference seem to make there way onto the internet and into our every day lives.
These were some of my favorites:

I loved this!

I appreciated the simplicity of this statement.
It was easy for the kids to understand and something that they can remember!

I have never thought of marriage like this, and I really like it!


  1. I LOVED conference! -I always do :) one of my fav quotes was from Pres. Monson "The great test of this life is obedience". I'm SUPER impressed with Max's art skills -and his attention span. You are an amazing mother! You teach your children so many wonderful things, so well!