Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Things

1. What I'm listening to lately:
I spent about an hour dancing around to THIS song on repeat yesterday afternoon. I now have it memorized. My kids think I am so awesome :) 
Just a little FYI. The Band Perry is made up of a group of siblings.
Also....THIS one by Kelly Clarkson. I love it!

2. I want to eat this Vegetarian Taco Salad from the yummy mummy all summer long!!!!

3. Today has been one of those Thursdays. I have thought it was Friday all day long and I have had to keep reminding myself that we still have one more day!!!! This makes me long for summer and taco salad even more. 

4. I need a reason to make these Chocolate Nutella Rockslide Bars.
(If it takes too long I may just make up a reason, like....Zoey really wants to try Chocolate Nutella Rockslide Bars.)

5. I am in desperate need of summer clothing. I need shorts, shirts, and a swimsuit. If anyone would like to pick some out for me I will pay you.

Happy Friday.....I mean Thursday!
Have a good one!



  1. That taco salad looks SSOOO GOOD! I want it right now! Can I come over this summer when you have it and we can eat it --on the beach :) --in our new swimwear?? :D I love avocado its sad I don't live there and can't fill my yard with avocado trees! -OH and lime mmmmm.