Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sugar and Spice

 Zoey has been fighting me really hard when it comes to her daily nap.
I am not ready to give in. This little girl is not yet 18 months old and she would have you believe that she no longer needs a nap. 
She does :)
There is nothing sweeter than a little sleeping Zoey.
 Zoey loves to be wrapped up in blankets or towels or sheets.
She knows where all of the blankets are kept and she will go and get herself one.
 Mia can be a wonderful big sister to Zoey.
Zoey thinks Mia is the coolest person on the planet so when she pays her a little bit of attention happiness follows.
 I love it when these little faces are smiling and laughing!
I am so lucky to have these little girls. I appreciate all of the sugar and spice they bring into my life!