Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Little Love

Yesterday my brother came to watch the kids so that Ty and I could go out for a Wednesday night date.
We went out to Palm Desert to eat dinner at a very swanky and expensive steakhouse. (Thanks to the drug reps for paying btw....)
The food was delicious and the people were all so kind. There was a presentation and lots of discussion about anesthesia and different medications. It was all mumbo jumbo to me, but it was very interesting to listen in on! 
I am so impressed with Ty. I am amazed with all of the knowledge he has gained through all of his years of school and continued study. I am so thankful that he is ever willing to work so hard for me and for our family. He has made it so that our lives at home can be comfortable, safe, and happy. Ty has always been good to me. I love him so much.
I don't always appreciate him like I should.
I am thankful for the moments that remind me just how awesome he is. He deserves all of my love!


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