Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday Things

Christmas shopping so far:
Kids - done!
Stocking stuffers - not begun!
Teacher gifts - done! (except for cards...)
Parent presents - done :)
Ty - I still don't know what to buy a man for Christmas
Neighbor Gifts - I think so...

SO....I have got to get to Target alone at some point in the next little while.

To celebrate the few things I have been able to get done I am going to make a batch of THIS granola.

In other news. I love squash and I have been eating it in abundance. I read this tutorial on how to roast an acorn squash about a month ago and I have been happily eating acorn squash ever since. Zoey likes squash too. Ty, not so much.
How do you get your family to eat more of what you love? You cover it with cheese!
Try THIS recipe for spaghetti squash gratin. Max asked for seconds and that is saying something.

Is anyone all the way done with Christmas shopping? In past years I have really tried to be done by December, but this year it just got away from me.

Happy Thursday....Yay, almost Friday!


  1. Christmas Shopping for Jamison - Never Done! Buy him everything!