Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Midweek News

1. Last night we delivered little Christmas packages to all of our nearby friends. We did it early this year, because last Christmas everyone was already out of town for the holiday. It is our little tradition to go out for Chinese food after we make our deliveries. It might be the only time during the year that our kids get to eat at a real restaurant!
Ty and Max love orange chicken, everyone loves fried rice, and I have always been a beef and broccoli fan.
Dinner was delicious and we had a wonderful evening together. 

2. On a sad note: Zoey has a staph infection :(
She is on antibiotics, ointments, and house arrest until she feels better.

3. Max went to a viking themed birthday party, because nothing says December birthday like vikings.

4. I have decided that Ave Maria is one of my very favorite Christmas songs. Especially THIS version, sung by Josh Groban.

5. I don't have dinner planned for tonight yet. I know it will involve a nice loaf of bread that I have rising, but so far that is all, and man can not live by bread alone! Unless that bread is adorned with butter and honey :)

Yay Wednesday!


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