Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas movies and kitchen drama

The Christmas fun this week has been movie watching. It started with "The Holiday". We watched a quick Nativity movie with the kids for Family Home Evening. Ty was working a lot this week so the kids and I watched the original Grinch movie (I am not a big fan of the new one!), Mickey's Christmas Carol, Santa Paws, and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. I am also working my way through "The Family Man" (another good one!).
and it's only Friday! 
I have had several kitchen disasters this week. I actually threw away 2 whole batches of cookies. They turned out terrible! To redeem myself, today we are going to make some of this:
The kids are having friends over this afternoon and the recipe requires no cooking so we can all get involved.....I am especially looking forward to having Max and his friend smash all of the peppermint candies for me.
Also....I am sure it will be delicious in front of the fire while watching more Christmas movies :)

Have an Awesome Friday!


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