Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just Another Day

 Yesterday we found some camo colored face paint left over from Max's birthday party in August. Max quickly put it to use.
Soon everyone needed to be painted and we had a nerf gun battle going on.
 Mia was hiding in a corner eating red vines.
 Zack was in his own corner eating red vines as well. I don't think they were taking the whole war thing very seriously.

Meanwhile I was baking bread.
 I noticed while I was taking pictures that my loaf pans are really hideously ugly.
I think I need some of THESE from William Sonoma. That way the next time we have an army battle going on at home the bread will have more aesthetic appeal.

Just a normal Friday afternoon right? :)


  1. How CUTE!! You are such a fun mom! Mia is just absolutely adorable in that pic! -and in real life :) My bread pans are ugly too *sigh* I guess it just means they're put to good use!