Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cookie Decorating

 Ty will be working all weekend long so it's just the kids and I at home. I turned up the Christmas music and made a big batch of THIS cookie dough. It's not technically gingerbread, but it has plenty of cinnamon in it and it works well for roll out cookies.
 Yes, I am lazy. Instead of cutting out all of the pieces for gingerbread houses and then struggling to put them together, I simply cut out the front section of the houses. No one seemed to mind!
 This is what I get whenever I ask Mia for a "pretty" smile :)
 Max likes decorating cookies because he can sneak ridiculous amounts of candy into his mouth while I am not looking.
I let the kids do everything themselves this year. I love how pleased they are with their own work.
 No matter how simple.
and this is Zoey looking up from the ground. She likes to be included.
That's our Christmas fun for the morning. Later we will be watching the Santa Clause.


  1. Oh I love that you just did the fronts! Who can ever get those things to stay up when you do the whole thing?