Sunday, August 31, 2014


1. Ty ended up working ALL day long yesterday. I felt like it didn't count at all as part of our weekend and I am so glad that tomorrow is not only a day off from school for the kids, but a day off from work for Ty as well!
We are really looking forward to it.

2. Ty taught the lesson in priesthood today and I spoke in sacrament meeting. I am always so nervous to speak, but I am so glad that we are given opportunities like this. What a great chance to learn and grow! (I am also extremely glad when the wonderful experience is over.)

3. After church we came home and I made bread.
Carbs are extra important after stressful situations :)
I set out raspberry jam and honey to spread on our bread. Ty said it reminded him of bread Sundays.....When he was young his family would get together with all of the aunts, uncles, and cousins to enjoy homeade bread. I think that sounds like a wonderful tradition.

4. Today is the last day of August. We are still enjoying HOT summer weather, but I am pretending it is fall......
I found some great looking granola recipes this weekend and I think this one looks delightful for the season.....

5.  I found this quote on facebook. It is a wonderful reminder of what really matters and what we are here to do!

Happy Sunday! Happy end of August! Welcome to September! Have a great week!


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