Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Musings

1. I know I said I was ready for summer to be over, but after seeing several friends post about going back to school today, I was glad for one more week!

2. We started our day at the park. The kids brought their scooters. We were the only ones there. It was cool from the rainy weekend and perfect!

3. Tomorrow we are going to the beach. For the first time (and probably last time) this summer. 
The kids and I went to the store for fun drinks and snacks to bring with us.
We are excited!

4. Excellent advice. I completely agree :)

Paired with a salad; it would be my favorite meal!

6. Zoey is spending the day in her pajamas. Not because she is sick, just because she loves her pajamas. When you are two it is completely acceptable to wear pajamas all day.

7. Max has spent most of his day filling an amazon wish list with birthday gift ideas. In 15 days Max is turning nine!

8. Mia is ready for her birthday too. It is not until October, but the new American Girl catalog arrived last week and she already knows exactly what she wants/needs......all the things :)

9. Zack is completely infatuated with the Plants vs. Zombies game. He picked out a shirt with the zombies on it from Target. He is hilarious!

10. Ty is at work and I can't wait to see him tonight!

Happy Monday!


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