Wednesday, August 20, 2014


 1. It stormed all through the night. There was lots of thunder and lightning. Zoey ended up in our bed. She was scared! We are so thankful for the rain! 

2. It was just cool enough for me to enjoy making some of my favorite hot chocolate this morning! I will take any excuse I can get!

3. I am really enjoying my girl time with Zoey while the older kids are at school.
 It is strange but delightful to have just one little person at home.

4. Yesterday was Max's 9th birthday. We had celebrated a bit before school started last night so yesterday was just cake, presents, and a birthday dinner.
We picked up one of the All American Chocolate Cakes from Costco. Everyone ate all that they wanted and we didn't even eat 1/4 of the entire cake.
Max got a kindle and a kindle case for his birthday. He was and is thrilled. For dinner Max had requested soft tacos so that is what we had.
I can't believe Max is 9! He is excited to move up to the Bear group in scouts tonight.

5. THIS is a great list for a well stocked baking pantry.

6. This is very true for me. When I get stressed I crave a good run! I am not a super fast marathon runner, but I am a runner, and I love it!

7. If you haven't heard about Elder Bednar's education week address regarding social media and technology, you must give it a listen!

Have a great Wednesday!


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