Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Things

 1. Zoey loves tagging along to pick up the kids from school each day. She packed her own backpack today.
 She brought along most of the Toy Story character figurines and our drive home snack.
 The kids are starving after school! It helps to feed them immediately to avoid hunger meltdowns in the car.

2. I have decided, after about a month of not doing squats, to start doing them again.
I needed a break, but I am ready to go again! I am also very fickle. Maybe next month I will give them up again.

I am already looking forward to the shorter school week next week thanks to the Labor Day holiday! (Mondays are hard!)

4. We ended up heading back to Oak Glen last night for a group FHE with friends from our ward. It was a blast. The kids all ran and played together and Ty and I got to talk with grown ups all evening! It was so nice and cool. We are so excited for Fall around here!

5. I made THESE no bake bars today. They are just my kind of snack.

6. THESE are also my kind of snack, but they will have to wait until at least tomorrow!

7. I LOVE the Gospel Solutions for Families radio series on the Mormon Channel!
It is so full of wonderful thoughts and inspiration.
I highly recommend it!

Tomorrow we will be half-way though the week! Yay!


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