Saturday, August 16, 2014


1. I had forgotten how wonderful Saturdays are!
During the school year the weekends are such a nice relief from all of the schedules and driving.
I think everyone was looking forward to just being at home today.

2. Even though it is still summer and very hot, I had planned a lot of baking for today.
I made some almond butter trail mix cookies that I think are awesome.
I used some leftover pumpkin to bake some pumpkin bread.
The kids have already eaten an entire loaf.
I think it is time for the cans of pumpkin to come back to our house!

3. I love listening to the uplifting messages and podcasts on
I listened to THIS yesterday and was completely inspired!
Worth the listen :)

4. Everyone had a wonderful first few days at school.
Zack is loving his little class. Mia is excited to learn all about money. Max was glad to start playing kick ball at recess with all of his friends again.

5. I am going to enjoy the rest of the weekend with my family!

Have a happy Saturday :)


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