Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pool Party

 Today was the last day of school for Max and Mia. Onward to 1st grade, 3rd grade, and summer!
To celebrate we went for a swim.
 Max is a great swimmer. He loves the water. He will be taking swim lessons starting Monday just to improve his technique.
 My mom brought all kinds of fun snacks for the kids, like doritos and chocolate milkshakes!
Zoey was afraid of the water at first, but after we got her in she loved it!
(We need new life vests.....Zac is in the pink barbie vest and Zoey is in the blue vest because of size issues.....or we just need to teach Zack to float.)

Everyone had a great time. It was the perfect start to our summer vacation!


  1. Its OK Zack, real men can pull off pink! :)

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  3. your kiddos are just so darn cute!!
    I'm glad you got some water babies -Ash is the only one of ours that loves water its sad :(