Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Work Day

I finally made a decision regarding the kid's bedrooms.

This morning we went to work putting bunk beds together so that Zack could move into Max's room. I talked to Max and he was happy to share with Zack. Zoey is still such a terrible sleeper that she needs to be by herself and we were ready to get her out of the laundry room(that is where she has been sleeping!).
Her new room will be Zackary's old room and Mia will stay in her same room by herself.
I got the boy's room all done. We are getting pretty good at switching bedrooms around! Zoey's room is done....that was easy, because she has pretty much nothing.
Now Mia's room needs to be cleaned and organized, but I am taking a little break!

After a week of fun all of this work is exhausting!

Later tonight we are taking everyone to our ward's pine wood derby. Max has several friends who will be racing and I think Zack will love every minute!

After the bedrooms get finished chocolate will be baking in one form or another.

THESE double chocolate zucchini cookies
THESE  flourless chocolate zucchini brownies
THESE healthy chocolate cookies made with avocado and honey

I have a basket full of zucchini and avocados. 

I love busy Saturdays!
Have a great weekend :)


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