Thursday, June 27, 2013

2nd Breakfast

 This week I have been taking advantage of the free summer breakfast program our city offers to children. The kids each get a little cardboard box breakfast with milk and juice. It gets us out of the house first thing and entertains everyone for a little while!
This morning, after breakfast, we stopped by Stater Bros. to return a movie to Redbox. We drove right by our little donut shop and everyone called out for donuts.
Since breakfast was free I figured we could splurge and get dessert!
 Max's friend, Ian, was with us today. The boys had a sleepover.
 Max and Ian picked out enormous donuts! Zackary ate his raised glazed on the ride home. (raised glazed are his donut of choice. He can order it on his own!)
 Zoey was on the counter. She had eaten her donut on the ride home as well. She has a ridiculous amount of personality in her teeny little body!
Now everyone is running through the house on a major sugar high.

Happy Thursday!


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