Monday, June 10, 2013


1. I taught my first Relief Society lesson yesterday. People were so generous with thoughts and comments. It went great and I am very thankful!

2. We enjoyed a perfect Sunday afternoon. After church Ty took a nap and I relaxed with the kids for a while before starting the Sunday meal. We had grilled chicken, fried potatoes, and broccolini. We went for a walk to the park where we ran into friends and then ended the night with more friends and s'mores!

3. Swimming lessons began this morning. It was cool outside and the water was cold! The kids had a great time though.

4. I dropped off all the paperwork for Zack to start preschool in the fall. We should be good to go!

5. Max is already bored.
This may be a long summer for him.

6. I am not bored at all :)

7. Neither is Mia. She runs from one activity to another and falls asleep immediately when we put her to bed at night.

8. Zoey has been sleeping until almost 8 in the morning. I think it is great!

9. I was about to freeze a bunch of brown bananas, but I might make this banana bread instead

10. A perfect thought for Monday


  1. You must go through a fair amount of peanut butter. All of the recipes you post looks delish... wish we could do peanut butter!

  2. Sign Max up for some little people sports! I wish that I could be bored! :)