Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday - summertime :)

I LOVE summer :)

1. Yesterday I took the kids to Victoria Gardens. They played in the splash pad and everyone got new shoes. I bought a few things and we had a fun lunch.

2. Today is a friend day. Max is taking a friend to spend the day at my parent's cabin. I am sure they will come home exhausted! Mia is having her good friend, Emma, over to play. They will love having girl time while Max is out of the house. Zac is going to a baseball game with Ty tonight......he can be friends with his dad ;)

3. I made homemade "nutella" yesterday and I am planning on using it today in one (or both) of these recipes

Cookies are fun.

4. The house is already falling apart. This is the downside of summer vacation.

5. I am sure it will get clean again at some point.

Happy Friday/Summer!


  1. Please pass the nutella PB cookies! -They sound AMAZING!