Monday, June 17, 2013


1. We had a wonderful Father's Day. The morning began with bacon. At church the kids sang....we were so proud. My parents came for dinner. I grilled. There was steak and corn on the cob. It was a very happy little celebration.

2. Ty is home this week! He took the week off for my birthday which is this Friday! We have fun things planned all week long. Today we went out and bought our very first bedroom set. We have been married for 10 years and still have a bedroom full of randomly collected pieces. I have wanted a nice set for a long time and I am really excited about it!

3. We took the kids out for a peruvian lunch. They have never had peruvian cuisine and Ty and I were excited to introduce them. It is very convenient that there is an actual authentically peruvian dish made up of hot dogs and french fries. 

4. I am  making brownies, because it is birthday week, and Ty is home, and I wanted an excuse to make my favorite peanut butter frosting!
I am using THIS recipe.....(just subbing almond flour for the all purpose. I actually love using almond flour in brownies. It adds a great flavor!)

5. The official first day of summer/summer solstice is this Friday birthday. It is the longest day of the year, meaning the day with the most sunlight. Just FYI!

Happy Monday!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIDAY! You should post pics of your new bdrm set! I'm excited for you! -p.s. isn't it crazy that your bday has the most sunshine? That has to be intentional because you are the sunniest person I know! Hope you have a great bday week!