Saturday, June 1, 2013


June 1st was a perfect start to the month.

I started the morning with a killer workout. I was supposed to do it yesterday, but then I woke up 30 minutes late after being up with Zoey for much of the night and I thought, "You know what sounds good today....walking."
I saved the hardcore stuff for today. 
We had to make a Costco run first thing this morning. We were pretty much out of everything. I feel so blessed when we come home and I fill the fruit basket and fridge with produce!

Max had a friend come over and all of the neighbor kids came out to play. Some friends down the road set up a slip and slide and all of the kids ran down to play. I filled water balloons to add to the fun and then I sent down a box of popsicles. I always want to do my part if someone else is entertaining my children.
Everyone played for hours. I am sure all of that sunshine and play will have them feeling exhausted before the end of the day!

On a different note: it is June
which means

I am turning 30 this month.........

PANIC, ack.......

I have been in my 20's for like.......10 years and I have liked it.......a lot!

I have high hopes that life will not end at 30, but become delightful and amazing :)

June was kicked off with lots of water and fun. I made a successful batch of gluten-free cookies. Even Ty approved. (Since giving up gluten the number of cookie failures in our house has increased!)
I still have 20 days to enjoy my 20's before giving into the 30's.



  1. I love your blog, and your reaction to turning 30! I'll be feeling the same way come August. I hope this birthday month is wonderful for you!