Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Another Beach Day

 Birthday week continued today with a trip to the beach.
It was a busy day on the coast. I guess summer is officially here and everyone is at the beach!
 This was not Zoey's first beach visit, but it was the first time that she really got into everything. She loved standing at the water's edge with Ty. She wanted to water to just barely cover her feet.
 It was all kinds of cute.
 Mia is always our teeny wahini.
She is the only one in the family that can get a decent tan and she loves the water.
She has no fear and runs right in.
She was in the water for most of the day.
Max likes the water too, but he balances his water time with more sand time.
 He has been asking me to get him a rash guard for weeks.
 I found one last night that I thought he would love.
I was right ;)
 Everyone took a turn getting buried in the sand.
 We brought home about the same amount of sand in this picture.
We really like our garage shop-vac!

The kids fell asleep on the drive home, no one got sunburned, and there are still 2 days left of birthday week!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. HOW FUN!! I hope we can come visit soon and have a beach day!!!