Wednesday, October 1, 2014


1. All 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls are now on Netflix! 

2. I was feeling so thankful today for my body.
I was so glad to have legs and arms that work so well. Feelings like these inspire me to keep running and to stay healthy.
Being able to run is a blessing!

3. I listened to THIS podcast today about the relationship between mothers and daughters (speaking of Glimore Girls.....) features discussions with Elaine S. Dalton and her daughter. It was excellent!

4. Zoey liked to pack her backpack full of toys for when we go to pick up the older kids from school.
We always arrive early and sit on the grass in the shade. Zoey plays and I read Ensign talks. It really is a nice part of our day!

5. Confession: It is October 1st and I decided it would be okay to start listening to Christmas music. I love it.

6. THIS pie looks ridiculous.

7. We will be celebrating Mia's 7th birthday on Friday night. (Her actual birthday is Saturday) She wants vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting for her class at school, and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for her party at home. Tomorrow I will be baking all day long to get ready!


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