Monday, October 27, 2014

Life Lately

 We have been painting.
The kids love painting! We have been working on our ornaments for the 25 Days of Christ. (Mia has been working on a few projects of her own!)
 We went to Target and I took pictures of everything the kids said they would like for Christmas this year.
 Max really wants this $100 robot. If it cleans bathrooms and vacuums floors, I wouldn't mind having it around.

Zackary spent all of last week walking around with a black eye.
He ran into the wall so hard that he knocked the paint off. I hope his teacher believed his story when he explained what happened!
 We set up the dining room table for Halloween.
 Saturday night we had our ward Trunk-Or-Treat.
 Zoey was Dorothy.
 The kids came home with tons of candy (as usual!)
We used a bunch of it to make a big batch of monster cookies last night while watching Hocus Pocus. We will be doing that again soon, because the cookie dough was awesome and loved by all.
 Today Zoey and I are home.
 Zoey is using all of the Halloween cookie cutters to make play-doh creations.
Tonight, for FHE, we are carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, and making hot chocolate!
I have been looking forward to it!

Happy Monday!


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