Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Things

1. This morning I am listening to Highlights from General Conference.....Perfect little bits of inspiration!

2. To go along with that...HERE are 64 quotes from General Confrerence.

3. I still wake up every day and run. It is still my favorite way to start the day.

4. We came home from meetings and scouts last night and made a big pot of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate before bed is the best part of cooler weather!
It is time to stock up on cream, chocolate, cocoa, and marshmallows!
Maybe we can try THIS recipe next time!

5. The kids are getting very excited for Halloween! I let the kids pick out costumes from the store this year. Max and Zack picked out dragon warrior ninja costumes. Mia picked out a bunny costume, and Zoey picked Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz....she has never seen the movie, but she looks so cute in that little blue dress and shiny red shoes!

6. I bought 2 enormous bags of Halloween candy. I am hoping it is enough to get us through the holiday. Ty is looking forward to stealing candy from the kids after trick-or-treating.

7. I am pretty tired from the week! Max had 2 reports due this week. Both about sports. He chose baseball and soccer. I am glad today is Thursday. We can pack the backpacks for tomorrow and wipe our hands of homework for the weekend.

Happy Thursday!


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