Friday, October 10, 2014

Day Trip to San Diego

 The kids are on Fall Break until Tuesday! Ty took the 4 days off so that we could run around and have some fun together. We decided on a day trip to San Diego to start off the weekend. We visited the U.S. Midway museum.
They offered an activity for the kids. They were able to wear headsets and go on a little junior pilot tour and answer questions along the way. At the end of the tour they would earn their "wings".
Ty and I got all the kids involved, but didn't expect anything.....Max took the whole thing very seriously and answered every question with thought and detail. He even held up the tour at times!
He was so happy to earn his wings at the end. It was worth it!
 At one point in his life, many many moons ago, Ty wanted to be a it was very fun to sit in these jets.

 Zoey was waiting her turn.....
 I don't know is she is quite ready to head out on her own!
 Mia and Zack took a turn as well.
I love a good Zackary smile!
 There was a lot of information and so much to see on the ship. We were so amazed at the difference between the crew quarters and the officer quarters. If you are going to spend any time living aboard an aircraft carrier, I would only recommend doing so as an officer!


 Inside planes....(When we were leaving this plane, Mia somehow got stuck in her seat belt and someone had to come help her out. Never a dull moment!)

 The kids in the brigg. We need one of these at home :)

After the Midway everyone was starving so we made our way to Old Town for lunch. We had options....mexican, mexican, or we decided on Mexican!
Zackary ate the world's biggest quesadilla all on his own. 
After lunch we toured the Mormon Battalion Museum.
 We loved it! The tour was 45 minutes long and held the kids attention the entire time.
 It was very entertaining and very informative. I love learning about church history, because I consider it my own history!
 Max got to dress in uniform.
 He really wanted to take this gun home!
Next we took a walk through Old Town and bought lots of candy from a little shop we found.
We drove home and finished the evening with a little cookie baking. I made THESE snickerdoodles.
I don't even proclaim to like snickerdoodles, but these are seriously delish.

Such a great day!


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